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This post contains steps on how you can easily stop, turn off, opt out or cancel 9Mobile data auto renewal plan. So if you have been searching for 9mobile Customer Care Line so as to help you cancel or turn off automatic data renewal you are in the right place.

So basically,

This post will provide all the necessary answers to questions such as
How do you turn off 9mobile automatic data renewal?
How do I check my data balance on 9mobile?
How to stop 9mobile data auto renewal
How to deactivate 9mobile data plan
How to cancel 9mobile data auto renewal
How to opt out of 9mobile auto renewal
How to opt out of 9mobile data plan
These are various ways people are searching online to get rid of data auto renewal. So why are people looking for ways to cancel auto-renewal plan? the simple truth is you could be wasting your hard earned money unnecessarily to this auto-renewal service without knowing.

An auto-renewal service is a plan that automatically renews your current plan upon expiration provided you have enough money on your account.

According to the network providers, the essence of automatic data renewal is to extend your data subscription without any interruption which makes sense if you are the types that subscribe every month.

If your data subscription is not on monthly basis, you will need the code to opt out of data auto-renewal because it could be really painful if you have planned to use your airtime for calls and suddenly you see the unwanted or unsolicited message!

Your current plan has been renewed

Then you will be looking for 9Mobile customer care line and even if you put the call across to them, the attempt to stop the automatic renewal service might not be successful. To be on the safer side. Get the code to cancel 9mobile auto renewal and opt out immediately you subscribed to any of their data plans.

According to 9mobile, you can subscribe to any of their plans by dialling *229# and then follow the on-screen instructions. 9Mobile data plans give you a plethora of options to subscribe to daily, weekly, monthly and even the yearly plans.

Whichever plan you subscribed to, you have to immediately cancel automatic renewal.

9Mobile offers of the fastest data service in Nigeria. When it is their 3G or 4G data plan, all 9mobile data plans come with auto-renewal service. To stop any 9mobile data automatic renewal follow the steps below.

To cancel 9mobile auto-renewal data plan, simply dial *229*0#

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